About Us

Nala Dog Rescue is a rescue organization founded in August 2020. We are based in several cities in North Macedonia. Our main focus is saving as much stray animals as we can as well as helping fix the structural problems in our country in the treatment of stray animals. Right now in North Macedonia we are dealing with a lot of unregulated breeding, a huge population of stray animals, animal abuse with no repercussions and a government that is not interested in fixing the problem.

We, as well as a lot of other rescue organizations in North Macedonia, are working relentlessly to save as much stray animals as possible, treat them when there is a need, give them love and attention contrary to all the kicking and hate they receive on the streets, find them good homes whenever that is possible as well as spay and neuter as much animals as we can so we can reduce the population.interested in fixing the problem.
We are always open for collaboration with other organizations all around the world,
as well as collaboration with individual activists.

Our Team


Melisa have been helping stray animals for 4 years now. It all started with Bisera. A dog that had her mouth blown off with a firecracker. It was devastating to watch. There was a 3 days chase for the dog since she was so scared of people. But finally she was sent to a vet, had surgery and is now a happy dog in a loving home. Then there was Liska. Liska had a 600grams tumor hanging from her breast that could burst at any time and kill her. She was a working dog, thrown on the street by the owner that had no use any more. But Liska had been lucky enough to meet Melisa. After surgery, chemo, and a lot of love and care Liska is now living her 3rd year of her second chance in life in Melisa’s home. Many more came after Liska and Bisera. Melisa knew that she could never ever leave a dog that needs help ever again. So she dedicated her time and energy to helping as many as possible which eventually led to creating “Nala Dog Rescue”

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