Adoption process

Plenty of our rescue dogs are up for adoption. First we would like to stay that we are completely transparent about the dog’s personality and whether or not there are some behavioral issues. For example we would never give an aggressive dog to someone unless you have clearly stated that you have experience and would like to work with the dog on that issue. We are also completely transparent of any medical issues that the dog might have whether it’s limping, chronic illness, hormone problems etc…and again you could adopt that dog only if you clearly state that you are willing to take care of him/her properly. Aside from that plenty of our adoptable lovely happy healthy dogs are available, and we are always saving new ones from the street.

If you would like to adopt a dog from us you need to follow these steps:

Fill out an application form

If we like it, we will send you an email with follow up questions

Then you would schedule a virtual home check with one of our volunteers (via facebook messenger, it’s usually 30min long)

If you past the home check, you will get a confirmation email and we will let you know about the next steps.